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What is a Spiritual Life Coach



A Spiritual Life Coach is someone who helps you connect with your true self.  This is often done by digging deeply to find out who you are, separate from what you do. To find out what you believe, what you do not believe, what your source of hope/relief/peace is. Your spiritual path is unique to you. A Spiritual Life Coach can help to deepen your spiritual life, so that you can feel the joy of connecting to that which is larger than yourself.

Spiritual Life Coaches are not the same as religious leaders. They typically will not work with you based on any organized religion, rather, they will help you discover how YOU connect with spirit, whatever that term means to you. It is hard to think about or discuss concepts without a name or a label, so your coach may help you define not only what you believe but how you choose to refer to that universal presence. A spiritual coach will help you find the language that work for you.

How Can a Spiritual Life Coach Help Me?

Once you have connected (or reconnected) with your spiritual life, your life may change in dramatic ways. You may tune into long neglected or unknown desires. You may choose to make changes in your life.

With the help of a Spiritual Life Coach, you can identify the steps you need to take to achieve your goals, remove limiting factors, and change any beliefs that stand in your way. A Spiritual Life Coach approaches these tasks in a deep, holistic way.  Your coach can help you to access your higher self, your inner knowing, to counterbalance the messages that you get from ego/friends/family/society.

A Spiritual Life Coach helps you dig deeply into the beliefs that you hold strongly, and understand how your connection to the divine might change those thoughts. A coach can help you see the effectiveness of the laws of the universe and how you can use those laws to get the things you want instead of accepting things as they are. You can begin to live by spiritual principles that stretch far beyond societal conventions and logic. By moving deeply into that which is larger than yourself, you can move into a happier, more fulfilling life.

Some ways a Spiritual Life Coach can help you include:

        –    Help with your subconscious thoughts and default settings

As human beings are all living, to some extent on auto-pilot. Our pasts and our environments work together to influence the way we think. Over time we develop thought patterns and overall views of the world. By tapping into your spiritual self, and your connection to that which is larger than you, a Spiritual Life Coach can help you recognize your thought patterns and world views and make conscious changes. Those changes can then help you get your life on the track in a way that feels right for you.

        –    Understand the laws of the Universe

When you understand the laws of the universe, you understand that much of what you experience is the result of cause-and-effect. Things will begin to feel less personal. You will begin to feel as if you have some control over your future. A Spiritual Life Coach helps you truly understand the laws of the Universe, so that you can make positive, productive changes in how you approach your life. Your coach will help you to see how you view things, and what your unintentional cause/effect patterns might be. Your coach can help you understand why you do what you do, and how to make change in those patterns.

–    Help connect you to the forgotten parts of yourself

In today’s busy world, many of us have lost our connection to the spiritual, and to the divine masculine and divine feminine that is a part of each of us. A Spiritual Life Coach can help you to rekindle that connection to your inner, divine duality so that you can embrace the truth of who you really are. You can use those aspects of your Self to achieve your goals and feel more solid, grounded, and peaceful.

        –    Help find your true Self and your life purpose

The goal of each and every person is to find their life’s purpose, and one of the best ways to do that is through the guidance and support of a Spiritual Life Coach. Questions like “How do I achieve more fulfillment” What should I be doing with my life” and “What are those things that are meant for me” often bubble up during quiet moments, or moment of crisis. A Spiritual Life Coach can help you find the answers to these questions and make decisions that are in alignment with your life’s purpose.

        –    Help ward off stagnation and trauma, heal wounds and release energy blocks

Depending on their training, Spiritual Life Coaches will have various tools and methods to help you release old trauma. They can help you understand how parts of your energy system may be unbalanced. They can assist in the shifting of these energies, releasing that which no longer serves you and bringing that which helps you move toward your higher purpose.


Working with a Spiritual Life Coach can be life-changing. As humans, we all desire happiness, love, fulfillment, clarity of direction, connection, a life free of pain, fear, tension, anxiety, anguish, and so on. A Spiritual Life Coach will guide you as you show up for yourself, face your truth, and discover the numerous things that make you happy. Your coach can be an accountability partner to help you keep moving forward. Discovering your life’s purpose is a beautiful thing, and it helps you feel happy, loved, connected, and fulfilled.