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“The Hairball Diaries” by Katy Byrne

“The Hairball Diaries: The Courage to Speak Up” by Katy Byrne. Illustrator: Steve Klein. Published by LangMarc Press, 2006.

What a delightful book! With a lot of humor, and an easy conversational style, Katy Byrne moves right into some deep, important material. Katy’s use of thoughtful self-disclosure allows the reader to connect with the material in a meaningful way—this is not a book of dry ideas, it is a meaty, “hairy” book of insights, ideas, and stories.

In this book, Katy covers topics as varied as Relationships, Careers, and Addiction. Through her journaling questions, she invites readers to develop a deep understanding of themselves and of what it is that they need and want in their lives.

For anyone who wants a lighthearted look at some serious topics, and wants journaling questions that can lead to serious thought and self disclosure, this may just be the book for you.

Besides, she tells us all about her cat Einstein. For a cat lover like me, it doesn’t get any better than this. Thanks, Katy, for your important contribution!

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Announcing New Book Corner

In the fall of 2011, I found a publisher for my book, “The Dragon who Burned all his Friends,” which was released in the spring of 2012.

My publisher, LangMarc Publishing, focuses on two types of books: Spirituality/Christian and Self Help. Most of the books are written by mental health professionals or by persons writing about experiences in their own work and personal lives.

I have begun reading other LangMarc publications. Many of the books have important things to say. They are easy to read, and frequently quite entertaining.

Because of reading these books, I have decided to start a “Book Corner,” where I will discuss books by my publisher, as well as any others that might interest my readers.

Stay tuned!