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Shiela Hatcher, MA, MFT


Sheila Hatcher, MA, MFT
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Are you getting signals that you are ignoring? They may be emotional, such as feeling anxious, depressed, angry, or numb. Or they may be physical, such as headaches, muscle tension, or stomach problems. These signals can be important messengers to you.They can help you identify your needs that aren’t being met. They can help you realize when you are feeling “stuck,” and to identify actions you need to take. When these signals are ignored, they may increase, demanding our attention. They may begin to affect our work, our leisure time, our relationships. We may hope they will go away; indeed, they may seem to disappear for a time. But if the source of the trouble is ignored, the messages will return in one form or another. It has been our experience that while we may think we are doing everything we can to take care of ourselves, often we are unable to see other ways we can help ourselves.The counseling process allows us to identify areas where you would like to effect change, and ways in which the process of change can begin. We will explore, among other things, communication skills, boundary-drawing and maintenance, identification and working-through of feelings, and relaxation techniques. At Connections Counseling Center, our approach combines cognitive/behavioral and depth psychological models to provide brief treatment which may be enhanced with a deeper understanding of the self.


Mental Health Tip

Be kind, patient, and loving with yourself today.
Be kind, patient, and loving with others today.

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.” –Anne Hunninghake