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Travel Attitudes

Have you ever noticed how airports seem to bring out either the best or the worst in people? Or maybe, due to the various stresses involved in travel these days, we just drop our filters a bit more by the time we’ve gotten through security and found a seat to wait until boarding time.

I like to think that even when I’m exhausted, hungry, and over-crowded, I’m still decent to my fellow travelers. That’s my goal, at least. I realize other people may not experience me that way at all.

I’ve also realized that I tend to pay attention to how nice strangers often are to one another. Random acts of kindness, as they say. I continue to be impressed by humankind as a whole. Other people I know often tune in to the unfortunate interactions between people. The Inconsiderateness, rudeness, and anger.

Which kind of traveler are you? Do you take your stress out on others, or do you try to focus on being kind? How do you live in the world in general? Do you notice the goodness around you, or do you focus on all the things you dislike? The things we pay attention to affect our emotional landscape–they become the lenses through which we see the world.

Me, I’m opting for rose colored glasses, without naiveté.  A glass half full. My life feels peaceful this way.