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Collaboration with Area Mental Health Professionals

I continue to enjoy meeting local mental health professionals with whom we can share practice tips, peer consultations, and referrals.

When we share a client with another professional, we strive to communicate (with client consent) any material that I imagine might be helpful to the other treating counselor. We believe that by working together we can increase the benefit to our clients, and build a collaborative relationship in the process.

Collaboration with Allied Professionals

We often need to give referrals to attorneys, mediators, financial planners, doctors, tutors, testing psychologists, and so on. We prefer to refer to someone whom I have met, so that We have a feel for how they work and if that might be a good match to my clients needs and personalities.

If you would like to be on our referral list, please contact Sheila so that we might spend a few minutes over a cup of coffee and get to know each other.

Clinical Consulation for Anger Management/Confilct Resolution

Working with anger is Sheila’s passion!

Most of us address anger in our counseling sessions on a daily basis. Sometimes the anger is so overt that we cannot miss it; in fact it may be somewhat overwhelming. At other times the anger goes underground and takes on a variety of disguises, including some that may be missed even by very seasoned therapists.

Sheila’s Book on Anger Management

  • What’s a fire-breathing dragon to do when he can’t control his flame? The Dragon who Burned all his Friends is a fairy tale that answers this question while addressing the topic of anger management. This book is for readers with anger problems; their families and friends will also learn more about this important issue by reading it.
  • The Dragon who Burned all his Friends addresses anger management techniques in an innovative and entertaining way. Readers learn through a third-party case study, which is easy to read and understand. Readers recognize themselves in the protagonist and begin applying the techniques in their own lives.

Anger Management Books: Sheila’s List

I am often asked which anger management books I prefer. There are many good books out there; these are the ones I use most in my clinical work.

Professional Presentations

I offer several Continuing Education trainings, and can provide BBS CEUs for LCSW’s and MFT’s in the state of California.

In addition to the trainings that I run through Connections Counseling Center, I am available to speak on-site to your professional group, class, or training facility.