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Individual Counseling

Are you getting signals that something is not quite right? Do you have emotional or physical symptoms such as anxiety, depression, muscle tension, or stomach problems? Have you recently experienced a change or loss? Does your past create difficulty in the present?

Talking about your thoughts and feelings can be helpful. It’s good to be listened to. Individual counseling gives you a unique opportunity to speak with a professional who is trained to listen, help you understand yourself, and provide guidance to make positive changes in your life.

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In individual counseling sessions, I can help you address, among other things:

            -Addiction/Substance Abuse                          -Divorce

            -Anger/Conflict                                               -Grief/Loss

            -Anxiety                                                           -Personal Growth

            -Coping Skills                                                   -Relationship Issues

            -Corporate Burnout                                        -Spirituality

            -Depression                                                     -Trauma and PTSD

Some of the methods we may use, which will be custom-tailored to our work together include:

            -Brainspotting                                                 -Jungian

            -Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy                       -Psychodynamic

            -Expressive/Imaginal Therapy                        -Eclectic


Couple Counseling

Are you losing that spark in your relationship? Is your communication at home now filled with anger or sarcasm? Are you becoming less intimate—both in and out of the bedroom? Couple counseling can help to improve a relationship that is in trouble, or help to fine-tune a relationship that is overall strong and healthy. It can help a couple establish good communication skills and negotiate conflicting needs to start a marriage out on the right path. It can even help you end a relationship gracefully, reducing emotional harm to yourselves and your children.

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Group Counseling

Group experiences are offered on a periodic basis. Click here to see information about upcoming groups.

Please create a link to a new landing page that will advertise any upcoming events. As a default, please have the page say “no upcoming events at this time.”