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Clinical Consultation for Anger  Management/ Conflict Resolution with Sheila Hatcher

  • How do you assess for anger in your clients?
  • How do you clinically address the anger when you become aware of it?
  • What interventions do you use to help your clients understand the roots of their anger, and adopt more effective methods of getting their needs met?
  • How do you address the conscious and unconscious material that arises between you and your angry clients?

Most of us address anger in our counseling sessions on a daily basis. Sometimes the anger is so overt that we cannot miss it; in fact it may be somewhat overwhelming. At other times the anger goes underground and takes on a variety of disguises, including some that may be missed even by very seasoned therapists.

Working with anger is my passion!

My clients are not court-mandated violent offenders. They are men, women, and children who want to learn to express their feelings without alienating or emotionally harming those with whom they share their lives. I address issues of anger in individual sessions, and in small psychoeducational groups for adults.

I approach Anger Management/Conflict Resolution work through a multidimensional lens, including:

  • Using CBT, both through interventions to provide quick behavioral change and in ways that allow clients to access their deep material
  • Incorporating Family of Origin material to aid clients in understandingthe roots of their feelings and their behaviors
  • Viewing clients through an Object Relations lens, to understand what internalized relationships may be informing their worldview
  • Listening to clients’ use of language and metaphor, to better join them in their expression of experience
  • Understanding that anger is often a response to an old emotional trauma

Clinical consultation is provided as one-on-one peer consultation. If several persons are interested, a consultation group could be formed for review of cases under my guidance as consultation group leader. 

Please contact me at 310-913-1868 or so we can schedule your consultation.