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Adolescent Suicide (Link)
Are you worried about your child? Are there symptoms of depression? Does your child just not seem to care about things anymore? Unfortunately, teen suicide is not a rare event.

Am I Overindulging my Child? (Link)
A simple definition of over-indulgence is giving kids too much and expecting too little from them. Here are three ways in which parents over-indulge their children.

Consequences (Link)
In order to help your teen learn responsibility, it is important to discipline your child in a way that makes sense. You want your child to cooperate and make responsible decisions.

Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Use (Link)
You have done everything you can to educate your child about the dangers of alcohol and drug use. Has your child listened? Is your child in danger? The statistics are frightening.

Is Your Child in His Right Mind? (Link)
Do you often find yourself confused about your child’s behavior? Do you feel your child is not producing the quality of work that you would like–that you know he or she is capable of? Do you feel that your child’s interests are very different than your own? Perhaps you can’t even figure out what those interests are! Your child’s school may be reporting problems to you. You may ask yourself, in desperation, “Is my child in his right mind?” The answer may be “yes”–but in a different way than you are thinking.

Teen Brain Development (Link)
Do you ever wonder where your precious little boy or girl has gone? Does it seem like a monster has taken over his or her body?

Well . . . that is not quite it. It’s true, your child may no longer be the sweetie of days gone by. But he has not been taken over–he has, well, morphed. Yes, transformed. Into the teenager you see today. And he is still changing and growing, into the adult he will one day become.

Teens and Sex (Link)
“I’m sure my son isn’t interested in sex, yet. He’s really very immature in that way.” “My daughter is wearing a purity ring—that’s how I know that she is not doing anything wrong.” I hope that you are right. My work with adolescents tells me that you may be very wrong. Teenagers are often very good at fooling the adults in their lives into thinking they are doing what the adults want, while living a double life when they are out in the world.

Understanding Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (Link)
ADHD is one of the most common neurobehavioral disorders of childhood. It is most often diagnosed in childhood and may last into adulthood. In general, children with ADHD may have difficulty paying attention and/or controlling their impulses. They may also have a high activity level. While it is normal for children to have trouble focusing and behaving at some times in their lives, with ADHD children it is not just “a phase”. The symptoms may cause problems at home, school, and with playmates.

Work and Play (Link)
How many times have you and your child fought over chores not getting done? Or about too much time being spent in front of the television or computer screen?