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Free Understanding Anger WorkshopDo you get angry? Are you the victim of someone’s anger? Feel free to come learn about anger—your own, or to try to better understand an angry person in your life. You will receive a packet of information on anger, as well as resources for victims of domestic violence. Come by yourself, or with a friend or significant other. For dates and location, visit

Anger Management/Conflict Resolution Group

Anger can be an important signal. It can help you to identify your needs that are not being taken care of. Poorly managed anger, however, can be very destructive. By coming to this group, you will learn how to unlock your buried feelings, and to manage your anger in ways that will be more productive in your life.

At Connections Counseling Center, our approach to Conflict and Anger is a therapy-based program, facilitated by mental health professionals who are regulated by the state of California.

We believe that the group experience is beneficial to learning ways to handle difficult emotions. During the group experience, the facilitators will give you tools for connecting with your feelings and expressing those feelings to others. You will go through examples, applying the material. Most importantly, through shared experiences, seeing your similarities and differences, you will develop a clearer understanding of yourself and those you share your life with.